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7 Signs Your Car Needs Mechanical Repairs Or AC Repairs & Regas
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Are you aware of all the telltale signs that your car might present when it needs repairs? Those cries for help should never be ignored because they can easily result in major breakdowns that can leave you stranded, result in accidents, or cause costly repairs. 

There are quite a few different symptoms that you should pay attention to if you want your car to stay in the best shape. 

Let’s look at some common signs that your car might require a few mechanical repairs or that your air conditioning unit might need a fix.

Signs Your Car Needs Mechanical Repairs

You can avoid mechanical repairs by getting your car serviced regularly. Breakdowns or car issues can, however, also occur even if your car has been serviced recently. Here are a couple of signs that you might need some mechanical repairs for your ride.

01. Burning Smells While Driving

Do you smell wires burning while you are driving? This can be a sign of a short circuit or an electrical issue. The smell of melted plastic can also result from alternator issues. If you do smell burning wires then it is best to stop driving immediately and get help from a good mobile mechanic who can assist you wherever you might be located.

02. Strange Noises

Any strange noises like rattling, clanking, or squeaking can mean that there is something wrong. If you hear strange noises while accelerating then there could be an issue with the fuel injection or engine. If the car is making noises when you slow dow or stop then there could be an issue with the brakes. Any odd noises should be investigated immediately.

03. Failing To Start

If you struggle to get your car to start up then there is likely something wrong with the battery, starter, or alternator. If this is the case, you probably won’t be able to go anywhere until a professional mobile mechanic shows up to do some repairs. 

Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair or Regas

Your car can drive without a functioning air conditioner but driving around in the sweltering Melbourne heat without an air conditioner is pure torture. There are quite a few signs to look out for if you want to determine if your car’s AC system is still good or not. Here are some of the top warning signs.

01. Air Isn’t Cold

If the air the AC system produces is cool but not cold or if it doesnt cool down the cabin at all then it might need a regas. When the refrigerant gas is low, the system won’t function properly or at all and there could be a leak in your system

02. Bad Odours

Bad odours like dusty smells or mildew smell coming from your air conditioner is a sign that the pipes or filter is clogged with debris or it could be a sign that mould is growing in the air filter.

03. Rattling Sounds

A rattling or banging sound coming from the AC unit can be a sign of a clog or some component could have broken off inside the unit.

04. Poor Air Flow

Clogs or dents in the pipes can restrict airflow in the AC system. If this happens, the device won’t cool properly or wind might not circulate properly through the car. 

Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical

At Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical, we specialise in air conditioning servicing and mechanical and electrical repairs. If you notice any of the signs discussed in this article, you can bring your car in for a checkup. We will look at your car and identify any potential issues your car might have. Our skilled mechanics can quickly do all the needed repairs for you so your car can perform well. 

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