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Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care Of In Winter
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Mechanical Repairs & Maintenance

Winter drives can be a lot of fun, especially if your car’s heating system works well. It feels wonderful to gracefully glide over long streets when you are all cozy inside the car cabin. But if you want to keep enjoying these pleasurable drives then you should take good care of your ride. 

The general maintenance needs of vehicles are a little bit different during the wintertime because icy temperatures can have a pretty big impact on your engine and your fuel system. Let’s take a quick look at some great ways to take good care of your car now that it is winter. 

Check When Your Service Is Due

Your car’s minor and major services are the most important maintenance tasks. Minor car services are usually done every 10 000 to 15 000 kilometers while major services should be done at about 30 000 to 45 000 kilometers or at least once a year. Grab your vehicle’s log book and check when your next service is due. If it is time for a service or if you haven’t serviced your car these past 12 months then this is probably one of the most important tasks to get done right now.

Get The Battery Tested

Car batteries typically only last about 5 years before they need to be replaced. If your battery starts to fail, it can have an impact on your alternator and other electronic components. Car batteries are especially likely to fail during wintertime because of the huge impact the scorching summer temperatures had on these components. It is best to get your battery tested and serviced to ensure that it is still in good condition and to prevent further damage to the electronic components of your car.

Check The Lighting

You will use your headlights a lot more often during wintertime because the increase in humidity causes a lot of foggy mornings where visibility can be limited. The sun also seems to rise later in the morning and it gets darker a lot sooner in the evening you will need strong lights to stay safe during these early morning or late evening drives. Test your headlights, indicator lights, brake lights, and interior lights in your car. If the lights are not working then you likely have a blown fuse or bulb that should be replaced. If the lights are too dull then you can also consider an upgrade and get some brighter lights installed.

Check Your Antifreeze Levels

Your engine’s cooling system contains equal parts of water and antifreeze. The chemicals in antifreeze are not only designed to keep your engine cool while you drive, but these fluids also keep the water from freezing during icy nights. It is best to keep the antifreeze levels topped up so you won’t encounter any startup issues early in the morning. 

Clean The Fuel Injectors

The fuel system of vehicles is often affected by icy temperatures. If the temperatures become too cold, moisture can start to build up inside the fuel systems. Your car’s fuel injectors are designed to remove moisture from these systems so your vehicle can start up without any issues. A good fuel injector clean can ensure that these components function optimally so you won’t encounter startup or power loss issues. 

If you are not sure about how to perform these important maintenance tasks or if your car is due for its major, minor, or annual service then you should give Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical a call. We can help you with any vehicle service, test to see if everything in your car is still in good condition and we can perform any type of vehicle repairs for you. With our help, your car will stay in the best possible shape.

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