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Is Your Car Making You Feel Ill? We Offer Solutions For Different Issues
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Do you feel sick when you are spending a lot of time in your car? Most people who experience unpleasant feelings attribute these ill feelings to motion sickness. Motion sickness is a pretty common condition that many deal with and there is very little you can do to prevent motion sickness. Few people do however realise that vehicles can make them feel sick and not just because of motion sickness. There are quite a few things in your car that can affect your health and in this guide, we are going to explore different ways your car might be making you ill and we share tips to help you stay as healthy as possible while enjoying your ride.

Mould Growth In Your Car’s Air Ventilation System

Your car’s ventilation system is quite complex and has a lot of small areas where bacteria and fungus can collect and grow. Bacteria and mould tend to flourish in the vents, tubes, and compartments of your air vents because the evaporator of your car condensates air and creates humid and dark conditions that this fungus requires to flourish. When air blows through the vents into the car, plenty of microscopic spores become airborne and you can breathe these tiny spores in. This can cause a lot of issues in your sinuses, and lungs and can make you feel quite ill. Over time, mould can even cause serious lung and respiratory conditions.

To eliminate this issue, your car’s ventilation system needs to be thoroughly cleaned out and the evaporator core needs to be inspected for mold.

Exhaust Fumes Inside Your Car Cabin

Exhaust fumes are terrible for your health. These fumes can cause you to feel dizzy, and nauseated, they can cause headaches, affect your ability to think clearly, and may even cause you to pass out. While those toxic fumes are more common in older vehicles, it is pretty uncommon to smell them in modern vehicles. If you smell gasoline, smoke, or exhaust fumes in your cabin, there is likely a hole in your exhaust outlet. This hole needs to be patched up as soon as possible because inhaling carbon monoxide is terribly unhealthy.

The Smell Of Burning Wires Or Building Oil

The constant scent of burning wires or burning rubber can give you a frightful headache on a long drive and is a sign that there is something wrong with your electrical system or perhaps even with your brake pads. These issues need to be checked out and repaired by a professional mechanic immediately because they can result in accidents or cause a fire. 

Mould And Fungus Growth In Your Upholstery

If your car interior or seats got soaked by a flood or by some accidental spill at one point then you need to watch out for mould or fungal growth in your carpets and upholstery. Water damage in vehicles can be difficult to detect because the moisture can pool underneath the carpets or deep inside your seats. Eventually, the moist areas will start to rot and the car will start to smell all musky. Besides the smell, this type of toxic growth can also make you feel nauseated and can cause respiratory issues.

Allergens In The Air Filter

The air filter in the air conditioning unit is designed to capture all sorts of particles and pollutants. Over time, the filter can become clogged with these contaminants, and particles like dust, pollen, and grass seeds can start making their way into your car interior. This can bring on allergy symptoms like a runny nose, burning eyes, itching, and sneezing. To solve this issue, your old AC filter will need to be replaced with a fresh one and the AC unit will need to be cleaned out. 

If you experience any car troubles or want to create a car that is healthier then it is time to reach out and book an inspection or repair with Kendon Auto Electrical and Mechanical. These professionals can thoroughly inspect your car for these common issues that could be affecting your health. They can also repair all of these problems so you can feel wonderful while driving your car. 

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