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    Logbook Servicing

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    Roadworthy Certificates

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    Brake and clutches

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    Automatic transmissions

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    Air Conditioning Repair & Re-Gassing(Offering R134a and R1234yf)

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    Heating Repairs

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    Starter Motors

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    EFI Diagnostics & Fault Finding

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    4x4 accessories

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    Baby Seat installations

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    All other mechanical repairs & maintenance

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  • Family Owned & Operated
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Over 15+ Years Of Experience
  • Same-Day Service
  • Qualified Mechanics, Auto Electricians and Air Conditioning Specialists
  • Fast turnaround to Get You Back on The Road As Soon As Possible

Auto Electrician in Reservoir – We Do Mobile Car Electrical Repairs & Automotive Electrics

Do you want to keep your car in the best condition possible without breaking your budget? Proudly offering a wide range of superior services and solutions at a fixed price the team at Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical are just who you’ve been looking for. As the local mechanic Reservoir locals trust we can address any minor issues before they become major and costly faults.

Your Car Mechanic Near Reservoir

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, combined with our customer-first focus, the team at Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical aim to be the “car mechanics near me” Reservoir residents can trust above all others.

Our Top Mechanic Services

Give your car the care and attention it deserves thanks to the team at Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical. From our modern and fully-stocked workshop our skilled and knowledgeable team can complete a comprehensive range of auto improvement services and solutions for affordable prices. Our services on offer include:

Car Service Reservoir

Make sure your car functions as designed and specified by booking it in for a car service that Reservoir motorists and beyond can trust.

Car Air Conditioning Reservoir

Want to survive the summer during a Christmas road trip? At Kendon we have the qualifications and certifications to service and repair car air conditioning in Reservoir vehicles and others in the surrounding suburbs.

Auto Electrician Reservoir

Whether you want a new audio system installed or your cars headlights are faulty, our expert auto electricians give Reservoir residents the benefit of our decades of hands-on experience. For a flawless auto repair or servicing experience give us a call on 03 9850 3711.

Mobile Car Air Conditioning in Reservoir – We Provide Aircon Regas & Repair Service

Your car’s air conditioning system can be finicky, which is why it is so important to have an expert mechanic perform your air conditioning service. Not to mention the fact that problems with your air conditioning system can often be a sign of bigger issues that may lead to an accident, such as engine overheating.

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Best Car Air Conditioning Service Reservoir Has To Offer

To ensure the safety and comfort of yourself and any passengers, you should have your car regularly serviced. And, if you suspect that your system is in need of repair, you’ll want to make a booking with a car air conditioning expert.

If you’re looking for one of the best mechanic teams in Reservoir, your search is over. Whether it’s a simple air conditioning regas or a more complex car air conditioning service, you can count on us to provide reliable servicing at a great price. We work on all vehicles, makes and models – no job is too challenging.

In need of an urgent air conditioner repair in Reservoir? Call 03 9850 3711to book your car service today!

Affordable Pricing, Great Quality

We know how expensive it can be to perform regular maintenance on your car. Many Reservoir residents choose to forgo fixing their air con as they deem it unnecessary, driving at an uncomfortable temperature for longer and damaging their system even more. At the end of the day, this will cost you far more than if you book a service sooner.

We offer some of the lowest prices on our services without compromising on our work ethic. This means that we can deliver the value for money you deserve and ensure that your cars are well looked after.

How Do I Know If My Air Con Needs a Service?

It is highly recommended that you have your car air conditioning system serviced regularly to keep it in the best condition. That being said, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Zero or weak airflow
  • The system is unable to reach the right temperature
  • Strange smells coming out of your air conditioner
  • A rattling sound coming out of your air conditioner
  • Moisture around the compressor
  • Coolant leaks

This is especially the case if you haven’t used your air con for a while. If you’ve noticed one or more of the above with your vehicle, you’ll want to have it checked by an expert mechanic. There are a number of components in an air conditioning system and the failure of just one can cause the downfall of the rest. Loose hoses or seals, faulty fans, insufficient refrigerant, blocked condenser, broken parts, leaks – all of these are common reasons customers call us for our services.

The only way to know for certain what the problem is – and, more importantly, how it can be fixed – is to have your vehicle inspected and fixed by an expert in Reservoir. The team at Kendon Auto Electrical and Mechanical have been in the business for over 15 years and know exactly how to provide the best car air conditioning service at the best price.

Car Air Conditioning Regas

Most times when your car air conditioning isn’t working as it should, it is because of build-up that occurs over time, preventing the refrigerant gas from travelling as efficiently. This can often be solved with a quick and simple regas.

We do a complete inspection of your air conditioning system to check for any damage and leaks before removing all the refrigerant. Once clear, we reintroduce new refrigerant and pressurise the whole system using our professional equipment. The whole process takes approximately an hour and can be done at your location in Reservoir.

In order to keep your car air conditioning working its best, it is highly recommended that you have your car regassed on a yearly basis.

Need a car air conditioning regas today? Book a service with our team in Reservoir now!

Our Car Air Conditioning Services

As part of our service, we examine the:

  • Compressor belt
  • Fans
  • Thermostat
  • Hoses
  • Pressure cap
  • Interior and blower
  • All components of your car’s air conditioning system

Electrical issues can be tricky to pick up and fix for some mechanics; however, our specialist auto electricians are more than capable.

We’ll do a comprehensive inspection of your car and provide you with an honest assessment of the work that needs to be done. This gives our Reservoir clients the confidence that nothing has been missed and that you will only pay what is necessary.

Mobile Car Services Reservoir

Having your car serviced at a garage can be a time-consuming ordeal. We understand how busy our customers’ lives can get, which is why we offer car servicing at a time and place that suits you. We can come to your location anywhere in Reservoir – your home, office, the shops or anywhere else – and quickly diagnose and solve the problem, meaning you don’t have to wait around long or use a loan car.

If you’re tired of taking your car to the garage for your service and want an efficient service that better fits into your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. With our mobile car service, there’s nothing preventing you from giving your vehicle the maintenance it needs to run reliably. Reservoir residents know that with us, they can get great service for a good price.

Not only do we offer quality car air conditioning services, but we can also take care of any other mechanical and electrical repairs required: brakes, batteries, transmissions, suspension, logbook servicing, and more. To find out more details, feel free to get in touch.

Contact us

With Kendon Auto Electrical and Mechanical, you can always expect cool air in your car. We are offering the best services with free upfront quotes in all suburbs including car regas Preston, auto electrician Northcote and auto electrical Bulleen.

Want to find out more about our car air conditioning services? Speak to our customer service team in Melbourne today by calling 03 9850 3711 or fill our Contact Form here.

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    Full 4 x 4 fit-outs including Bull Bars, Spotlights, Dual Batteries, Brake Controllers, Power Outlets to Rear of Vehicle, Solar Setups and many more. Approved supplier and installers of Dobinsons and Redarc products.

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    • DavidandCarmel Sforzato
      VIC, Australia

      " The team down at Kendon are not only great tradesman, they're advise was priceless. Their expertise saved us alot of heartache with their thorough check of our family car. We highly recommend them to anyone wanting to change their mechanic for the better. "

    • Kelly McCallum
      VIC, Australia

      " I had a problem with my car air conditioning.Jeremy was professional,reliable,honest and open about what needed to be done to get it fixed.He went out of his way to help fix the issue and the mobile service was really convenient.I would highly recommended them to anyone "

    • Lisa Cox
      VIC, Australia

      " 5 Star experience again, great service from the Kendon team. Air conditioning re-gassed and ready for Melbourne's heat wave. Explanation of what they did in lay terms so I could understand, quick turnaround, value for money, and even a cup of coffee thrown in. Thanks Team!!! "

    • Dave Sinai
      VIC, Australia

      " The team at Kendon wired up a switch in our patrol today so we could activate the dust surpresson system in the camper without having to get out of the vehicle. Great job, high quality and very tidy work. We get all our auto-elect work done at Kendon because the work is always to the highest standard and always done in a timely manner at a fair price. Thanks guys. "

    • Amanda Lier
      VIC, Australia

      " What amazing service! We would recommend using Jeremy and Scott to anyone! We arrived in Melbourne with no caravan brakes. Jeremy came to check it out and needed us to take it in to their workshop. They provided us with incredible service, even to the point of connecting the van to power for us to keep the fridge cold, checking the tire pressure in the car and van and holding up traffic to help us out on to the main road. Jeremy was very open about what work was needed and he explained everything he did. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone who needs electrical or mechanic work. Thanks! "