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Signs of Electrical Issues in Your Car
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Modern vehicles offer a much more pleasurable driving experience and it is all because of advanced electrical components. These electrical gadgets and mini-computers keep everything so you can drive safely and comfortably.

Electrical issues can however be difficult to spot or diagnose in a vehicle and when these systems start to malfunction, they can cause a lot of havoc. 

It is very important to get electrical issues in your vehicle sorted out before they result in major damages that can be costly to repair.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the top signs of electrical issues in your car so you will know when to contact a mechanic.

The Engine Won’t Crank

Vehicle engines are designed to produce energy so your car can drive. But it still requires an energy spark to start up. If you turn the ignition switch and it doesn’t crank properly or takes a while to start then there could be an electrical issue with the battery, alternator, or starter.  These issues should be checked out immediately or you could find yourself stuck with a dead battery and a car that can’t start up.

You Experience Battery Issues

Car batteries only last about 5 years before they need to be replaced. In some cases, your car battery can give out much sooner. If your battery is giving out, you can experience all sorts of issues. The car might not start properly or the battery might not charge. 

If you notice battery issues, you can first check the cables to ensure that there is no corrosion. Next, you need to get your battery tested to see if it is still working. If the battery and cables are fine then you are likely dealing with some other electrical issue and a diagnostic check might be needed.

The Lights Are Not Functioning Properly

The lights on your car like turn lights, signal lights, brake lights, and headlights all draw power from the battery. If there is an electrical issue like a faulty wire, the lights can start malfunctioning. Your headlights might turn from bright to dim or might switch off or on while driving. Some lights might not function or dashboard lights might go blank. These are all signs of an electrical issue that should be repaired by a professional.

Fuses Keep Blowing

A car’s fuse box is designed to prevent overvoltage and short-circuiting so electrical components won’t blow out or burn out. Fuses do give out occasionally and that is perfectly fine. But if you find yourself constantly replacing fuses then there is likely an electrical issue in your car that needs to be repaired swiftly.

You Note the Smell of Burning Plastic

A burning plastic smell is never a good sign. These smells are usually a warning sign that something is very wrong. Here is a quick look at the types of burning smells to sniff for.

Burning rubber smell – This smell usually results from clutch problems, if the drive belt is melting, when there is an oil leak or when there is a coolant leak.

Burning plastic smell – The smell of burnt plastic often happens when the heater is malfunctioning or if there is an electrical short. 

Burning oil – This smell can occur when an oil change is needed, when oil filters are dirty, when gaskets are failing or when the oil plug is damaged.

Burning carpet smell – With this smell, you usually need new car brakes. 

If you notice any of these signs of electrical issues then it is time to give Kendon Auto Electrical a call. These professionals can do a full diagnostic check and will repair any electrical issues you might experience for you.

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