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Signs You Need To Call An Auto Electrician
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The electrical systems in modern vehicles are just astounding. These systems offer so much convenience in the form of advanced radio systems, vehicle cameras, climate control, and driving comfort. But when these systems start to fail, they can cause a lot of havoc. One small electrical issue can cause a lot of costly damage if these issues are left unchecked. 

The only way to avoid chaos is by keeping an eye out for electrical failures so you can get your car repaired and maintained before something small results in a lot of mechanical issues. Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs of electrical issues in your car so you will know exactly when to go and see a professional.

Engine Cranking Issues

If your engine won’t crank properly, it could be a sign of an electrical issue. This is because your engine requires power to start. This power is sourced from the battery through the alternator and starter. If you hear a clicking sound or annoying humming sound when you try to start your car it could be a sign of a starter or battery problem and it is best to get your car checked out.

You Notice Battery Problems

Most car batteries have a life expectancy of just five years. In warmer regions like Melbourne, your battery can even give out earlier. If you think that your battery might be the culprit then you can start by checking the thermals and wiring to your battery for corrosion. You can also inspect the battery for swelling or other signs of wear. Ultimately, your battery should be checked out if you suspect issues. 

The Lights Are Not Functioning Properly

One of the most common signs of a malfunction in your electrical system is lighting issues. If your headlights, turn signals, or other lights are not functioning normally, if they turn on and off at odd times, and if your lights seem too bright or too dim, there likely is an issue in your system. These issues can be caused by a problem with your alternator, corrosion in your wiring, or it could stem from some other issue.

The Fuses Keep Blowing Out

The fuse box in your car is designed to prevent overvoltage so your car won’t short-circuit. The fuses inside this box are very helpful for preventing damage to delicate electrical systems that can be damaged by surges in the current.

One blown fuse shouldn’t raise any alarms because it is natural for fuses to wear down over time. But if your fuses keep blowing out repeatedly, there is likely an issue with your electrical system. You will likely need to get a diagnostic check done to see what might be causing the issue.

You Can Smell Something Burning

The scent of burning plastic or burning wires is always a bad sign. If you detect these smells, you should stop driving immediately and shut off the engine because it is a sure sign of an electrical malfunction. Electrical malfunctions can be very dangerous because they could cause your vehicle to catch fire or cause other types of mechanical issues that can be very expensive to repair. It is much safer to just stop and call a professional to come and help you out. 

Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical is a great company to trust if you notice any of these signs or if you just want your car to be thoroughly inspected. Give these professionals a call so you can get a diagnostic check done on your ride and so you can get any small electrical issues that might be affecting your performance sorted out. 

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