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The Benefits of Regular Car Servicing
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It can be tough making sure you maintain regular car servicing when you live a busy lifestyle. The reality of car servicing, however, is to make sure you maintain your vehicle’s quality and value. These services are also critical for keeping you safe on the road. 

 01. Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

You might love your car right now but you may eventually want to sell it and move on to something better. One of the first things potential buyers want to see is your vehicle’s logbook. The maintenance record will give potential buyers a pretty good idea of how the vehicle was treated because mechanics make notes of everything they do on the vehicle in this little book. The record provides information on how regularly the car was serviced and can tell buyers about other upgrades or improvements that were made to the vehicle. 

Buyers can also see if the services have been neglected. This could affect their decision to buy from you or the value of your car because any buyer would prefer a car that is taken care of over a vehicle that is likely damaged due to neglect.

 02. Improves Vehicle Performance

Regular servicing is essential for keeping your car in good condition. During a service, mechanics provide a proper inspection on mechanical parts, top up vehicle fluids like oil and cooling liquids and replace various components like oil filters, cabin filters and air filters. If these liquids and components are not replaced, your car will struggle to perform well. 

Acceleration will be affected as your engine needs to work a lot harder when the oil filter is clogged up and oil is turning into sludge. Your brake pads could be worn out which could affect your ability to slow down and stop. Eventually, your car will sound louder and fuel consumption will increase.

 03. Ensures Fuel Efficiency

One of your biggest reasons to upgrade to a new vehicle is so you can enjoy good fuel efficiency. But without regular services, your car doesn’t perform as well and it could start to use a lot more fuel which could cost you a lot more than your service in the long run.

 04. Prevents Mechanical Failures

If your vehicle is overdue on its services, your chances of mechanical failures increase with every kilometer you drive. Vehicle breakdowns can be costly to repair because it usually involves towing costs, mechanical labour, temporary car rentals as well as the actual parts and repair service. Mechanical failures associated with service neglect are also usually pretty extensive. The best way to avoid mechanical failures is with regular car servicing.

 05. Prolongs Your Vehicle’s Life Expectancy

When your car is properly maintained, it will perform well and the chances of getting mechanical failures are reduced. By keeping it in top condition, you can continue driving it for longer. And even if you do decide to sell it so you can upgrade, you will still reap the benefits because you will get a much higher price for your car.

 06. Ensures Road Safety

It can be dangerous to keep driving a car that is overdue on its services because mechanical failures can occur at any given moment. These failures can result in breakdowns at unexpected places or even road accidents if you are unable to stop when you need to. Driving with worn-out windshield wipers or worn-out brakes is also pretty dangerous in general.

Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Bulleen

Regular car services are a must. The safety aspect of overdue services alone should be enough to convince you to make a booking asap at a reliable local workshop like Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical. Our team of experts can perform any type of service on your car including major services at affordable rates so your car will always be safe and well maintained.

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