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Vehicle Logbook Services: The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle
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It is much better to stay on top of things than it is to let your car repairs get out of hand. All vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them in great condition. There are many types of services that you can get for your cars like upgrade services, specific repair services, or bodywork services. But one of the most important car service types that should never be neglected is logbook services.

What Are Logbook Services?

Logbook services may also be called handbook services. It is a type of service that vehicle manufacturers recommend getting when your vehicle reaches a certain milestone. 

The logbook is provided by the car manufacturer and every vehicle automatically comes with a logbook and user manual. This little book provides service information that is needed to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. These services need to be completed by the dealer or a certified mechanic because all services need to be completed by qualified staff and specific branded parts or consumables need to be used during the service.

Regular logbook services can include tasks like fluid top-ups, filter replacement, a diagnostic check, and a general inspection. A major logbook service is more extensive and requires the replacement of engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, and brake fluid. The vehicle is also properly inspected and a full safety check is done on it.

When Do You Need To Get Logbook Services Done?

There are different types of logbook services and different car brands can have different recommendations regarding tasks that need to be completed. Most vehicle brands recommend servicing your car every 10,000 kilometres or every six months – whichever one comes first.

You should also book a service or check for your car if you note strange sounds, if the engine light comes on or if your car isn’t performing well.

Why Is It Important To Get Logbook Services Done On Time?

Delaying your car service date by a week or two is unlikely to cause you any trouble but skipping your service altogether is not recommended. If services are neglected, it can affect the warranty of your vehicle, your car’s value could be affected and your chances of getting mechanical failures or breakdowns increase.

 How Do You Get Logbook Services Done?

Getting your services done is quite simple. All you have to do is call a local auto service company and book your service. You will need to drop off your car at an agreed time. Some auto service companies are also happy to come and collect your car from your home or company and will return it once the service is completed.

Skilled mechanics will take care of all the repairs and maintenance work for you while you go about your daily routine. When this is done, your car will be returned to you in tippy-top condition.

With some vehicles, the logbook services are often free or extremely affordable since it is included in the warranty policy. But for older vehicles or second-hand vehicles for which the warranty already expired, you will likely have to pay the full service yourself.

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The best thing you can do for a vehicle that is nearing its service schedule is to make a booking with Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical. Our mechanics at our Bullen workshop can assist with your logbook services as well as many other repairs like fit-outs, suspension issues, brake and clutch malfunctions, battery problems, and more. Our team will help you with any questions you have about maintaining your vehicle and we’ll make sure that your car is always in great shape.


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