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What Happens To Your Car If Your Fuel Pump Isn’t Working
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Are you suspecting a bad fuel pump? Or is your car simply on the older side and you are worried that some components might be wearing down? Fuel pump issues are not too common in newer vehicles but these parts can give out if the car is a couple of years old. Let’s take a look at what will happen if your fuel pump doesn’t work properly.

The Engine Might Not Get Enough Fuel

The fuel pump’s job is to transport fuel to the engine so it can run. If the pump isn’t working properly, it might not offer enough fuel. This can make the car stall when you are driving or when you are trying to increase speed. You might also notice the overall performance or power of the vehicle decline. The vehicle needs more fuel to perform strenuous activities such as accelerating, driving uphill, or transporting goods. If it isn’t getting enough fuel, it won’t be able to produce enough power and your car won’t be able to perform well under pressure. 

The Engine Might Get Too Much Fuel

Fuel pumps are designed to carefully distribute an exact amount of fuel at a certain pressure level to the engine. If the fuel pump isn’t calibrated properly, it might provide too much fuel. You might notice that your vehicle is smelling particularly gassy because the engine won’t be able to process all of that fuel. The car can also flood and stall and you will certainly see a massive increase in your fuel consumption while driving. 

Fuel Supply Could be Inconsistent

A fuel pump that doesn’t provide a consistent amount of gas can start making all sorts of strange noises like whining or humming noises. You might also see the engine sputter as it struggles to process the varying supply of fuel or it might stall or perform sluggish at certain times. You can also experience some speed spikes and drops. These surges of power can make it difficult to maintain a consistent speed. 

Your Vehicle Can Start to Overheat

If the fuel pump’s components are all worn out, the pump will start to overheat. This, and poor engine performance can also cause the entire engine to start overheating. These overheating issues can cause a lot of damage to your engine. 

The Vehicle Might Not Start at All

If the fuel pump doesn’t work at all or doesn’t supply enough fuel, the engine might not start at all. Granted, there are some other common causes for startup failures such as a dead battery, a faulty alternator, or starter problems. But if all of these other components check out and your car has over 160,000 kilometres on the clock then it could be the fuel pump. 

The Vehicle can Stall While Driving

A vehicle can suddenly stall while driving if the gas supply suddenly stops or if the pump doesn’t supply enough gas to keep the combustion process going. It is also pretty common to see your car overheat when it suddenly stalls. If the fuel pump suddenly gives out, you won’t be able to get the car going again and will require roadside emergency assistance or tow-in servicers. 

If your fuel pump is giving out then the best thing you can do is book your car in with Kendon Auto Electrical & Mechanical. We can service old fuel pumps to get them back in good condition or replace your old broken-down fuel pump with a new one. With our help, your car will be speeding down the street without any hiccups in no time at all. 

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