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What Is An Electrical Service For Vehicles?
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As a vehicle owner, you are probably already familiar with general car services or log book services. These services usually involve checking the physical parts and fluids of your car and involve tasks like air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, oil replacement, brake pad replacement, and more. 

Modern vehicles do however also feature advanced and very complex electrical systems that can also start to malfunction if they are not properly maintained.
In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at the electrical system of vehicles and the type of maintenance work these systems require.

What Is A Car’s Electrical System?

Before we can dive in and discuss electrical services, it is important to find out hast the electrical system of your car is.

The other electrical system includes all devices that function electronically. These systems are usually connected to and powered by the battery and includes various components like the battery, starter, alternator, and other electrically controlled devices in your vehicle like your radio, power steering, defroster, windshield wipers, electric windows, interior lights, power seats, speakers, built-in monitors, and all the sensors and gauges that are found throughout the vehicle.

Why Electrical Systems Need To Be Serviced

As you can imagine, the electrical system includes quite a few parts and a lot of wires, sensors, and computer boxes that are all important for keeping these systems in good working condition. Some of these sensors or electrical parts can become worn out or damaged over time. Electrical systems can also become disconnected if the wiring gets chipped off by rodents or due to friction. When this happens, some of the electrical components might not function the way they should or they might not function at all. 

Electrical services are important for keeping all of these components in good condition so everything in and around your car will keep functioning at an optimal level.

How Is An Electrical Service Done?

An electrical service usually isn’t something that can be done at home or on your own. It can be very tricky to discover problems in these systems because everything is digitalized. Mechanics usually need to use diagnostic testing software to identify problems in your car’s electrical system.  When a diagnostic test is done, all of the information from all of the sensors throughout your car will be analyzed. Mechanics can then identify sensors that are not functioning well or sensors can guide them toward problematic components in your car. 

The mechanic will also do a lot of physical inspections like the following;

01. Examine the alternator to ensure that it is still in good condition and still recharges the battery properly. 

02. Inspect the braking system to see if all brake lights are still in good condition and to test whether the ABS system is still in good working order.

03. The battery is examined and tested to see if it is still in good working condition and if the thermals are properly cleaned.

04. Spark plugs throughout the vehicle are inspected and replaced if they are damaged.

05. All lights including brake lights, park lights, and indicators are tested and any damaged bulbs are replaced.

06. The radio and AC systems are checked to ensure that these electrical components are wired correctly and are still in good condition. 

It is very important for car owners to get electrical services done for their vehicles whenever their cars are taken for log book services or whenever they notice something strange happening in and around their vehicle. If you want to test your car’s electrical components or need to restore something that isn’t working the way it should then the best thing you can do is give Kendon Auto Electrical a call. These professionals will ensure that your entire vehicle and all of its gadgets are fully restored so you can journey safely without any annoying tech breakdowns or issues. 

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